Bye bye, Google Reader

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So if you haven’t already seen this come up in every other blog that you subscribe to, Google Reader is being shut down tomorrow. I’ve been using Google Reader pretty much since it came out, so this is a sad day for me! I’ve held on until the very last minute, but have now ported my RSS feeds to Feedly, who have made an amazing effort to make their reader (and apps) as good an experience as Google Reader, if not better. You can follow ChiGarden on Feedly here. Some people I know have moved over to Bloglovin, which is  – you can follow ChiGarden on Bloglovin over here. Both have a nice and easy method of importing your Google Reader feeds, for a painless transition.

I’ve also finally gotten around to setting up email subscriptions, so if you have no idea what this RSS hoo-ha is about then this is an even easier way to keep up to date with new posts.

Goodbye Google Reader – I will miss you!

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