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Our couch has officially had it. It was looking a little worse for wear before we moved out of our old place, but spending the last six months at my brother’s house seems to have been the last straw. For a cheapo pleather couch bought almost five years ago I think that’s actually not too bad, but I think for our next purchase I want to go for something with a little more longevity.

Actually, most of our furniture are of the cheap-and-cheerful variety, and whilst it made complete sense at the time I am now leaning towards a bit of a different look. Not that I’ll be rushing out to buy brand new everything – as our stuff is still in pretty decent condition, my plan is to keep an eye on Gumtree and secondhand stores, and slowly add new things as we go. It’s exciting to be able to feel fairly confident that we’ll be in our new home for some time, so I feel like I can plan for the space that we have rather than hedging my bets in case we have to move. I’m having to hold myself back from going to crazy with planning furniture purchases, and just focus on getting a new couch to replace our falling-to-pieces one.

So The Boy and I have been to a fair few of the local furnitures stores, and have narrowed it down to something in a brown natural leather, slightly raised on wooden or metal feet, fairly firm and with not too large a footprint for our smallish space. I love the look of brown leather contrasted with bold, monochromatic decor and fun pops of colour, and thankfully this will work pretty nicely with the furniture we have already and our lovely white floorboards. I didn’t realise just how expensive leather sofas are, especially ones which are made locally, but if we choose well this should be lasting us many times longer than synthetic one. It might sound like I’m putting too much thought into this, but we only really have space for one piece of lounging furniture and I tend to use it a lot – my favourite thing to do on a weekend is to read a book or take a nap on the couch – so it has to be right!

Do you have a piece of investment furniture? Was it worth it?


  1. Looove those brown natural leather couches you’ve got there! I have a penchant for slightly masculine furnishings… they look strong and classic ;) Good luck with the couch search!

    1. Thanks Sab! I really like the slightly masculine materials in interiors, especially brown leather. I’ll probably be balancing it out with softer pillows and throws like in these photos though.

    1. Totally agree! We have a black one at the moment, and whilst it’s softened with lots of lighter elements in the room I do much prefer brown.

      I hadn’t seen that one! Definitely on the list to check out next.

  2. I had a leather couch in my first house but I got sick of it really quickly.

    I bought a sort of investment couch from King Furniture and love it. Much prefer material couches

    But I have a lot of investment furniture, go for it

    1. What didn’t you like about the leather couch? My thinking was that leather is more durable, and I love the look, although I know it needs a fair bit of upkeep.

  3. We have a really good quality leather couch that we’re selling now. It’s the style, colour and size that no longer works for us (we renovated our floors 18months ago), otherwise I’m sad to be getting rid of such good quality that has been so easy to maintain and has no damage after years of use. Definitely worth spending the money on the quality!!

    1. That is something that worries me – this isn’t our ‘forever home’, although we will be here for the next few years, and I’m not sure that any investment furniture will go with wherever we end up next. But I think it’s worth the risk to get something really lovely!

  4. Hahaha, I love the title of your post (we still have beanbags in our house. Um and an old-style Super Nintendo). We have a couple of couches that were given to us by my fiance’s parents from their home, and initially were going to replace one of them with another leather couch, until we found out how much good-quality leather couches are! My god, so expensive. The one we really liked was $4000! I’d be keeping an eye on Gumtree too – good luck! :)

    1. Haha yeah, of course I only like the most expensive ones, and in the premium leather! I’ve been keeping track of Gumtree but haven’t seen anything that grabs me yet, and meanwhile our current couch is literally disintegrating. I think I might have to suck it up and get something new and good quality for this round, and just be extra frugal with any new stuff.

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