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Another weekend with a good bit of time spent organising, culling, and making our home look beautiful. I have a feeling it will always be an ongoing project, with no definite endpoint where I’ll be able to say that our home is ‘finished’. I’ll be glad when I’m not still rearranging furniture or finding places for the odd bits and pieces though.

We finally ended up deciding on a couch (it’s a bit darker than the ones that I posted about, but will fade with time). It is probably the most beautiful and luxurious (and expensive) item that I have ever bought, and will put a big, premium leather couch sized dent in our savings when it arrives in a couple of months’ time, so I’m holding off making any more home decor purchases or decisions for the meantime. Of course this hasn’t stopped me from daydreaming via Pinterest!

I’m finding that I have a love-hate relationship with our white laminate floorboards – on one hand it looks completely clean for all of five seconds after sweeping, but on the other hand it is forcing me to clean more often than I would otherwise and thus subjected to far less dust. You really don’t realise just how much dirt, hair and dust can build up on a floor over the course of a day until you have a house full of white floorboards. As someone whose allergies are triggered by the slightest bit of dust, an absence of carpet was one of the big things in my home-buying wishlist, and I am so glad we managed to fulfil that. Even if it does mean that I’m sweeping the floor slightly obsessively.

Keeping with the white floors, walls, ceilings and curtains, I’ve bought some lovely white bedding. During the week the sun doesn’t rise before I do, but on weekends like this it’s delicious to wake up to such a bright, calming space.



  1. It’s really exciting to decorate your first proper home but you are totally right about the ongoing project, we just bought a chest of drawers and moved our clothes from suitcases a couple of weeks ago! And now it’s time for me to put some photos into frames as they’ve been standing empty for nearly 9 months now!

    1. Haha I bought those frames that you see above over a year ago, and they’ve been empty until now! It really is so much work. I’ve now started stalking the freebies page on Gumtree to find my next piece of furniture heheh.

  2. I look forward to seeing more of your new place. Moving into your own home is so exciting. Especially after not having one for a while.

    You might just have to invest in on of those robotic vacuums to help keep the floors clear!

    1. Thanks Jordan! I’ve been very strategic in these photos, you can’t see the messy and unfinished bits of our place (which is most of it!). I have considered getting a Roomba, although really our place is so small that it doesn’t actually take much time to go over it quickly a few times a week, so I feel it’s a bit of an unnecessary luxury!

    1. Thanks Bin! I still have so much more to do, but having a few nice things like this makes me feel so much better haha.

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