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I’ve been slowly cutting down the amount of things that I own, and recently this has meant getting rid of about two thirds of my collection of makeup, nailpolish and hair doodads. I wear a full face of makeup maybe a handful of times a year – most days I have just enough time to smear on some tinted moisturiser and concealer, then maybe some lipstick if I’m feeling fancy. I suppose I’m lucky in that my skin isn’t too bad and I don’t work in an environment where not wearing makeup is seen as ‘unprofessional’. Not that there’s anything wrong with wearing makeup daily – it just isn’t something that I currently want to do. These days even for occasions that I used to go all out with makeup I’m finding myself going for a more minimalist, natural look and forgoing the heavy foundation.

For someone who doesn’t really wear much, I’d somehow amassed quite a collection. I can remember buying most of the things – most were those little purchases that you do when you’re bored and just want to buy something, anything, just something small. This is how I ended up with: four nearly identical brown eyeshadow palettes, three nearly identical brown eyeliners, three eye creams, a silly amount of nailpolish and a ton of different coloured lipsticks/lip tints/glosses. I don’t want to think about how much money that would add up to! It was also taking up a large amount of space, but I’ve now reduced it down to a couple of small containers in my bedside table. I’m having difficulty parting with most of my lipsticks because I wear them the most – it’s far less effort than doing eye makeup – but apart from that I don’t have any more doubles or things that I’ll never wear.

I rarely finish beauty products – usually they end up getting thrown away, lost or just buried under other stuff before they get to that point. But since I’m doing my best to buy (almost) nothing new, I’m going to make more of an effort to use up what I have. I was actually impressed enough with my daily tinted moisturiser that I bought the exact same one again – I’m hoping to eventually find other favourites that I can just keep coming back to and actually use up!

How big is your makeup collection? Do you use it all, or do you just fall into the trap of making little purchases, like me?

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    1. I’m definitely the same! I get bored of makeup before I finish it :S Trying to have a less disposable mindset, it felt like such a waste getting rid of stuff even though I know I’d never use it.

  1. Wow, there must be something about this time of year that makes people want to declutter and buy less – I’m in the same boat as you right now, trying to minimise my possessions (with the end goal a tidier house that feels more relaxing). I used to work as a beauty writer and reviewer and it was very hard not to feel tempted by all the new products. But now I try very hard not to buy new beauty products because most of them (like coloured eyeshadows) I find I use only a couple of times (and then they stay in my makeup drawer for years!) – I do however buy the same beauty staples and use the same natural colours over and over. I don’t like wearing foundation either! Glad to hear I’m not the only one!

    1. For me it’s definitely due to just coming back from a long holiday with very little luggage, which I really got used to, and moving into a new house where I have to find place for everything. I can imagine it would be hard to keep things under control if you were a beauty writer!

      Foundation is such a pain, I don’t think I’m talented enough to get a natural looking result so I figure I might as well just stay natural. Plus if I’m not extra careful about removing it all, my white pillowcases go brown!

  2. I love peeking into other people’s bathroom stuff, thanks for sharing! I’ve had a makeup post drafted for ages but haven’t finished it yet as I’m still experimenting until I find the best products for my skin. Hopefully I do! I’ve never owned a lot of makeup and have worn it less over the past couple of years given my skin’s increased sensitivity. Currently I have 1 powder foundation, 1 concealer, 2 blushes, 1 mascara, 2 eye shadows, 3 lipsticks. For me, the lipsticks might have been a mistake – I tend to dislike the feeling of wearing them and prefer a slick of balm/gloss, but they have been nice for recent special occasions.

    1. Haha, me too! Looking forward to your post. I don’t think I had much compared to many, but it was definitely too much relative to how little I actually wore it.

  3. Don’t part with the lipsticks!! Lipstick is the easiest way to look polished with minimal effort! I have a stash of makeup in my room as well that accumulated from my days of caring about makeup more and too many lip products from gifts. Maybe it’s time for me to do a cull of them as well, as I don’t wear much makeup either…

    1. That’s exactly the reason that I kept almost all of my lipsticks, apart from a couple that really don’t match my skin tone. I love that lip products add so much to a look for such little effort!

  4. I cleaned up my makeup + wardrobe collection over the past two weekends! But now I have a decent collection of clothes that I should ebay….. but the pain and time required to do that has made me put that off.. or maybe I should chuck/donate ’em away!

    1. Well done! I’m too lazy to ebay to be honest, and most of my things wouldn’t fetch a very high price anyway. I think I’d only bother if it was designer or popular high street stuff in good or new condition personally.

  5. I just found your blog & really like your concept of minimalist living. On the minimalist make up post… Totally agree!! I shop because I need to fill a gap (a want) not because it’s really needed! I have a huge make up bag of which I can count the amount of items I actually use. Being a Mum to a toddler I only have 5 minutes (if that) to do my makeup and yes in this hot Australian weather who wants to wear a lot of make up. Keep up the posts. They’re great!

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