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Last weekend I met up with two local photography friends, Sab and Sam, for tea and a chat at Tea for Tú in Northbridge. I’ve visited Tú before to browse the cute clothes in the store and a gallery opening in the stairwell gallery, but this is the first time I’ve been back since the little tea shop opened. It’s a very cool space, cozy and eclectic, and I’m really impressed with how much they’ve managed to squeeze into it.

Tea for Tú is in a small courtyard behind the store and opening out into a laneway – the kind of place you would miss if you didn’t know it was there. The decor and crockery is artfully mismatched. and decorated with herbs in old tea tins. Orders are taken inside, and the barrista was kind enough to let me sniff some of the many jars of tea before settling on a chai ($4 for a pot for one, loose-leaf, of course – no syrups or powders here). From the small of pastries and cakes I chose an almond croissant ($4), which the barrista asked me to take so she wouldn’t finish it off herself! Sab seemed to really enjoy her citron tart ($6.90) and pot of tea, and Sam was impressed with the coffee but commented that the madelines ($5) were a little dry.

I think the warmer months are when this place really shines – it was unfortunately overcast and chilly when we were there, and by the time we left I was wishing I’d dressed a bit more warmly.

All up: It’s nice to see these little quirky places popping up around Perth, and it’s a perfect place to have a chat over a cup of tea or coffee – when the weather is nice! The food selection is small so it probably isn’t an ideal stop for a meal, but there are lots of nice sweets to accompany tea. Lovely staff and friendly service; I think I’ll be back.

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