30 Before 30, updated

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So almost a year ago I wrote this list of 30 [things to do] before 30. Now I’m down to two years left (eep!) I thought I’d go back and reassess.

  1. Do the Perth City to Surf 12km run in under 80 minutes. – currently training for this.
  2. Jog 5km in under 30 minutes. – getting closer, slowly!
  3. Do a hike or decent trail walk. ✓ 
  4. Be able to touch my toes. – getting closer, slowly!
  5. Be able to do 50 proper pushups. – currently up to 35 consecutive pushups, but have done 140+ in sets
  6. Learn (at least) basic conversational Mandarin.
  7. Own a property.
  8. Visit each state in Australia (still have Northern Territory and Tasmania to go; only been to South Australia and Queensland years ago so could do with another visit).
  9. Explore more of Western Australia (I think most tourists have seen more than I have!).
  10. Go to Europe.
  11. Go to South America.
  12. Master the art of travelling with carry-on luggage only.
  13. Take a painting class.
  14. Grow an edible plant from seed to maturity. – got some basil sprouting, although I’m not sure how well it will do given it’s the wrong season!
  15. Learn how to make beautifully fitting pants and jackets.
  16. Set up some kind of modest passive income.
  17. Learn how to make cheese.
  18. Learn about canning, especially tomatoes
  19. Care for a smaller creature (could be a baby, could be a cat, could be sea monkeys. I’m keeping this one open).
  20. Donate blood (and continue doing so).
  21. Learn some basic woodworking skills.
  22. Knit or crochet something big (and not a scarf). – I’ve made some hats which I think sort of count, but would like to do a larger piece of clothing or blanket.
  23. Do a big group trip with my group of friends (see: pretty much every anime or sitcom series ever).
  24. Get something letterpressed.
  25. Have crazy hair. Not sure I’m going to get more crazy than a #1 shave, so here’s a new thing instead: Design and print our wedding album
  26. Learn some basic car maintenance skills.
  27. Do a first aid course.
  28. Visit a Disney theme park. Gotta admit, I put this in there because I thought I’d go to Disneyland in Paris. New thing: Have an ethically and sustainably sourced (and still fabulous) wardrobe.
  29. Spend some time volunteering.
  30. Plan an awesome 30th birthday party.

Since starting this job I’ve been winding down my freelance work, and now I’m suddenly finding myself with some actual free time in the evenings. So far I’ve been mostly squandering them wasting time on Pinterest or Facebook, but I’ve started to realise that this is the time I should be using to do all those creative things that I supposedly don’t have time for. Besides this blog and the occasional craft project I haven’t really created anything that isn’t for a client for some time now, and that’s not how I’d like to be. I’m hoping this year will see more personal projects, and some better habits in making the time to make things!


  1. I love these lists! I have been slowly writing one over the past few weeks of things to do before I turn 25, but it’s taking so long that I doubt I’ll ever finish it. I think having goals and a list to keep you in check is great, it really makes me want to check things off.

    Hit me up if you do come to SA anytime soon! ;)

    1. It’s funny how difficult it is to think of things that feel important, but are achievable in that timeframe. I do love lists though, and it is making me try harder to complete these things in the next 2 years.

  2. Oh my, I feel like you’ve practically written my list FOR me! In any case, I was so inspired by your list when you originally published it, I’ve started to draft mine up over the past year. Sadly, I haven’t yet published it myself given that I haven’t filled up the 30 items, but I think I’ll reach that soon so the aim is to post it up by year end :)
    Actually upon second thought (haha you can sense my stream of consciousness right here), I’ll aim to post it by the end of month. Iterating on items means that they can be more fluid as life and preferences change, which makes sense!

    1. Do it before you start doing the things – I had to cross a bunch off because I’d completed them before finishing my list! It is hard to think of 30, but you can always change then later :)

  3. HEY. You can make cheese real quick any time. :) At the shops, get a clean tea towel (or cheesecloth if you can find it), lemon juice and full cream milk – the creamier the better. Warm the milk (don’t boil), add 1-2 teaspoons of lemon juice, OBSERVE MAGIC, strain through tea towel, add a pinch of salt, enjoy.

    If you don’t make a huge spilly mess, you can do all this in under half an hour. :D

    1. I discovered this a few months ago, and I felt like a wizard making ricotta! Such a cool reaction! I will definitely never buy ricotta ever again.

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