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One collection that I’m not so sure I want to aim for minimalism with is our books. I’ve always been an avid reader, and although most of my books these days tend to be of the electronic variety we do have a couple of full bookshelves between us. Moving into our new place meant starting afresh with their arrangement, which is something that I take quite seriously.

I do occasionally reread or refer to books, some more than others, so they need to be logically arranged so they’re easy to find. The trend of books arranged by colour looks very pretty, but splitting up a series would annoy the crap out of me (who can remember which colour the cover of A Song of Ice & Fire #3 is?!). I’m also awful at remembering author’s names, so that’s out too.

Since I usually remember books by something like “that book with the kid from Afghanistan”,  I’ve ended up arranging roughly by genre, then by size/what looks good within that. Laid out like this, I can see our favourite genres are cookbooks, fantasy and historical/cultural fiction, with some classics, crime, art/craft books, comics and the odd children’s book (I’m determined to relive my childhood Enid Blyton collection). I’ve been able to find things that I need pretty well so far, so I think it’s a better system than I used to have!

Do you arrange your books logically, or aesthetically?

P.S. This is me on Good Reads! Also, a few good books I’ve read recently.

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