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Our place came with bright, airy, translucent linen curtains, the kind where you don’t even have to open them to fill the room with beautiful sunlight. Most of the time this is great, but when you’re trying to get to sleep and the neighbour’s sensor light keeps shining right in, or you just want to sleep in instead of being bathed in light at dawn, it’s a bit of a pain. Not to mention the fact that it’s currently quite cold and I can feel the heat escaping out the window. After a couple months I decided I’d had enough, and set out to get some curtains.

Our windows are a mish-mash of shapes and sizes, with the two in the bedroom being extra tall. When it became clear that I wouldn’t find some ready made blockout curtains with the right length for our windows, I had to bite the bullet and make them myself. I scored some grey blockout curtain fabric marked down to $8 per metre and got going using this Design Sponge tutorial.

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I’d always assumed that making curtains would be really difficult, but really it isn’t. The fabric isn’t any thicker than denim or other materials I’ve sewn, and it basically consists of hemming each side. If you can sew in a straight line, you can sew curtains! Of course it gets a bit tricky when it’s 2.5m of straight lines (or at least it does for me), but it’s hard to tell unless you look too closely.

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The only change I made to the tutorial was to add tabs along the back of the top hem for the curtain rod to go through, which gives less of a bunched appearance and is easier to move to the side with this kind of thick material. I was going to add some step-by-step instructions here, but it was a bit of a clumsy result so unfortunately I think you’re better off finding another pattern to work from! Still I’m quite happy with the result, and they are definitely serving their purpose.

I was a bit sad at first that my bedroom was no longer all white, but I think the dark grey curtains are growing on me. Now that I’ve broken the white-ness I think it might be time to start putting up some artwork and adding a bit more colour to this space. Any ideas?

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    1. Well if it makes you feel any better, I’m not sure that it’s necessarily cheaper – the blockout fabric is normally $20+ per meter, so I think if I didn’t get the one that was on sale it would work out more expensive than buying readymade curtains! Although I didn’t find any that I liked and fit our windows.

      I was surprised at how easy it was actually, although measuring, cutting, pinning, pressing and sewing such long lengths is a bit tricky.

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