Elmar’s in the Valley (and The Boy’s birthday)

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The Boy is born exactly two weeks after me, and so between the various celebrations July usually ends up quite a foodie month! This year we decided to go to lunch at Elmar’s in the Valley, a German style brewery and smallgoods producer, followed by watching Pacific Rim at the movies. He apologised for having such a dude-ish day, but since I happen to like beer, sausages, robots and aliens I certainly didn’t mind.

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Elmar’s is up in the beautiful Swan Valley, a region known for its wine but is also home to a few micro breweries. The restaurant feels part Munich style brewhouse, part Swan Valley winery, which I suppose is quite fitting. They’ve won a few awards for their traditional German style beers, so we were keen to try a few and see how they compared to what we can remember of the beers we tried in Germany.

Since they also make their own small goods, it wasn’t difficult to choose our meal – the Brewers Plate ( $72) is essentially a plate ‘o sausage (5 different kinds), with some mashed potato, sauerkraut, potato wedges, chicken drumsticks and tasters of three of their beers. The meal is intended for two people, and there are two serves of each thing (including the beer!).

The sausages were beautifully smoked and each very different from each other – my favourite was a very herby bratwurst. The platter is served with mustard and tomato sauce, and although they did go well with the sausages I couldn’t help comparing it to the mustards I had at Hofbrauhaus in Munich. I’m no beer connoisseur but liked the lightest (a pilsner) the best of the three – the other two were a bit fruity, which I’m generally just not a fan of. Being the designated driver I drank my favourite and gave the others over to the birthday boy. I think this dish/meal really shows off what Elmar’s does best, and at $36 per head is pretty decent value.

All up: I really enjoyed Elmar’s in the Valley, and it has a much more laid-back atmosphere than the fancy winery restaurants in the area. Mains are a bit pricey and I’ve heard mixed reviews on quality, but I don’t think you can go wrong with ordering any of the smallgoods. It’s probably the closest you can get to a Munich style beer hall here in Perth, and I think overall it stacks up pretty well!

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