Apologies and Cupcakes

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I felt like I was doing pretty well with posting at least once a week lately, but then we changed our ISP and spend a couple of weeks without internet. Not that I’m ever truly disconnected when I have my phone, but when you’re spending two hours a day on public transport that data doesn’t really go very far (not far enough for blogging anyway). Excuses excuses. Now that I have wifi at home again I’ll have to continue chipping away at the backlog of things I want to write about.

Amongst other things, this weekend I did the Perth City to Surf 12km run, and on the way home decided to treat myself to a post-run cupcake from Sherbert (pictured above). I didn’t get as good a time as I did last year – I think I pushed it a bit too hard in the first half and burnt out before the end, and whilst that’s a bit disappointing I still feel proud for giving the faster speed a good shot. It’s hard to not compare yourself to others, but when I think that five years ago I refused to run at all and look at how far I’ve come, both in fitness level and my attitude towards fitness in general, it doesn’t feel so bad. Oh well, I have a year to start training for the next one!

Apologies for the rambling post – back to regular posting starting from now!

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