Indoor Plant Love

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Two indoor plants, each purchased on a whim a few months apart.

The first is a basil seedling which live in my kitchen – I bought the kit months ago, still in autumn. I dumped in all the seeds which did sprout a week later, but then started dying off, all except this one strong one which is continuing to grow from the carcasses of its siblings. I should have predicted this, as every basil plant I’ve had tends to die off in winter, but I hoped that the cosiness of the kitchen would keep the seedlings warm and happy. This little battler is hanging in there though, and I have high hopes for it once we enter spring!

The second was bought a few days ago, a cluster of ferns. There’s a hook in one of the ceiling beams in our lounge room, just in front of an odd window between that room and my studio, that I thought was really begging to have a hanging plant put on it. I’ve never had a fern or a hanging plant before, so I’m hoping that this one is happy in its new home.

I think indoor plants can be a relatively cheap way of adding colour and life to a room – that is if I can keep them alive!


  1. I’ve been going through a crazy plant phase! I just repotted some of the basil growing in my garden. I don’t dare keep them inside because they tend to wither and die (or so shows my track record).

    I made a couple of succulent terrariums that I hope will last for a little while longer!

    Cute fern!

    1. I love terrariums! Have you had much luck with keeping them alive? My basil is doing surprisingly well, it’s about 4 times the size now, although I don’t think I’ve been watering the fern enough and it’s looking a bit sad.

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