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A while ago now I wrote about grown-up furniture, and wanting to get a lovely leather couch to replace our falling-to-pieces pleather one. And it finally arrived! The Boy and I feel in love with this waxed leather three-seater and after visiting pretty much every furniture store in Perth we decided only this one would do. The man who sold it to us said that it required a bit more maintenance than your average leather, and it would show marks with time – but it will age beautifully. I have my fingers crossed that it will last us forever because this baby is probably the most beautiful and most expensive thing that we own (aside from the unit itself). I keep telling myself that cost-per-use sort of justifies it – I’m sure we’re down to just a few hundred dollars by now!

Whilst the couch is far lovelier than the rest of our (almost entirely IKEA) furniture, I think it mostly matches up reasonably well. Unfortunately my bright green cushions and green grass rug don’t really go so well with the dark reddish brown, so it was time for a bit of an update.

leather couch-1

Before going out and buying fabric to make new cushion covers, I played around with laying some of my clothes over the couch and wrapping cushions to get a feel for what kind of colour palette to go with. I was tempted to just say ALL THE COLOURS, but The Boy suggested we keep it simple and stick with black, white and yellow.


I’ve expressed my disdain for IKEA furniture, which kind of falls apart if you try to move it anywhere, but I’m really sold on their fabric. We bought a metre each of an abstract yellow watercolour flowers fabric and black-and-white stripy fabric, both of which are a slightly heavy cotton, and for $20 I was able to make 4 cushion covers with a bit left over.These envelope style cushion covers are so easy to make (although doing the striped fabric as a chevron really had me confused for a bit there), and make such a massive difference. Goodbye bright green and hello sunny and chic!

I’m still on the fence about rugs, and unfortunately it’s likely to be more than a $20 investment. I think maybe getting a better coffee table might help the sofa look less like it’s floating in the room without needing a rug, but I do like the warmth. My heart says white shagpile, but my head says no!


I’m thinking of writing up a tutorial on how to make these cushion covers with some easy to understand illustrations, if only so that I don’t have to deconstruct one to remember how I did it – is that something that anyone would be interested in?


  1. Oooh I’d be interested in a tutorial! And also the name of the shop you bought the black and white fabric from? I went to Lincraft and another haberdashery and couldn’t find any decent fabric :(

    1. I’ll work on the tutorial this weekend :) I bought the fabric for both from IKEA – the black and white one is actually just stripes, but I cut it at an angle and joined two pieces together to form chevrons. I’m always disappointed by the fabric choices in Lincraft and Spotlight, but I was pleasantly surprised with Ikea’s small collection – there’s some good stuff in there!

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