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We have now been our place for almost six months now, and I’m still tweaking things here and there now that I have a better feel for how we use the space.

One thing that I’m really pleased about is finding a good use for my old Ikea desk hutch (you can see how I used it when I first bought it years ago here). I prefer not to have the shelves towering over me at my desk these days, so in our past few places it’s been sort of hiding in a corner, and for the first few months here I was feeling ready to get rid of it. But it turns out that it not only fits perfectly in the space by our front door, it’s also the exactly same height as our bookshelf that was already in place. I read some advice recently about trying to work with your existing habits instead of trying to create completely new ones, especially if you’re a messy person like me – putting some shelves and a bag hook in the place that I tend to chuck my things when I walk in the door anyway keeps things pretty tidy without too much extra effort. Fun fact – you can see almost all of The Boy’s shoes here, but just the ones I wear most often in winter of mine!


I also took down my old fridge chalkboard sticker and put up a new one, now with much nicer lettering thanks to some new chalk pens. We’ve been planning meals like this for years now, and it helps massively with planning our weekly grocery show and reducing wastage. I usually like to plan 4-5 meals for the week (and sometimes a special treat), as we’ll eat leftovers once or twice, have dinner with the parents or go out on the other days. I try to rummage through the fridge and fill in the ‘Use Soon’ bit before planning the menu for the week, to make sure we’re using everything up and nothing is wasted. I also try to use ingredients that are in season (currently tomatoes and strawberries!) to keep the weekly shop as cheap and fresh as possible, and sometimes just decide to wing it and go with whatever is cheap at the fruit and veg shop or butcher that week. It might sound a bit over the top, but I find that trying to decide what to cook after coming home from a day at work tends to result in bad choices – this way we just brainstorm over breakfast on Saturday morning before grocery shopping, then only have to worry about the cooking part each night.


If you can’t tell from the photo above, I’ve been trying to work on my hand lettering skills – more on that soon!


    1. I just got it from Bunnings! It’s a renter friendly hook, with a suction back that sticks to surfaces. Supposed to be able to hold a few kilograms. I think it was in the bathroom section, probably intended for holding up towels.

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