New (old) Sewing Cabinet!

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sewing cabinet-2

Lately I’ve been trying my best to source things that I want secondhand wherever possible. Normally I’m not very good at it – op-shopping takes quite a bit of dedication as well as self-discipline to come away with things that you actually want. But this time I lucked out with this sewing machine cabinet found on Gumtree which was not only going for a significant amount less than all the other ones listed, but was being sold by a nice older lady who lives very close to us!

sewing cabinet-1
sewing cabinet-3

Previously my sewing machine was living on the same desk as my computer, and it was worrying me that the vibrations would hurt my harddrives and their precious, precious data (mainly every photo I’ve taken since my first digital camera in 2008). This way my sewing machine kept nice and compact without getting dusty, and it’s easy for me to just sew without having to clear space and set my machine up. At the moment I’m working on a dress which I started over a year ago (whoops), hopefully having a better work station will inspire me to actually sew more often!

Found any cool secondhand things lately?


  1. Oh WOW! This is such a superb find, super jealous! I’ve never thought to look at Gumtree for second hand finds. Would love to find something similar, but I think I’ll wait for when we find a new place to move into first – and will definitely check out gumtree!

    1. Gumtree is perfect for things like this – I’ve seen so many of the same sewing machine cabinet from the 70’s, they must have been really popular at the time? It was a steal at $35. I like to trawl the freebies section every now and then too.

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