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I have a post about our adventures in Bordeaux ready to put up, but first I’d like to write about the wonderfully French meal we had P’tite Ardoise Bistro here in Perth on my birthday, nearly two months ago (better late than never right?). As this was some time ago I’m a little vague on details, although the overall impressions have definitely stuck with me.

Based in Highgate, I’ve gone past P’tite Ardoise many times and wanted to give it a try, but never found the right time. The Boy and I have a tradition of doing fancy meals for important occasions rather than gifts, so I took my chance to be spoilt with some French bistro-style cuisine. Between the warm lighting, the decor and the accents of the staff, it was easy to imagine we were back in France.

We began by ordering wine of course, and were recommended a 2006 Bordeaux that conveniently comes in a half-size bottle, perfect for when someone needs to drive. As that someone was not me, I have to admit to drinking the bulk of it and it was lovely stuff.

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To start we ordered pork belly rillettes de Tours ($16), which is a dish very similar to pâté. My experiences with pork belly tend to be of the roasted and crispy skinned variety, so not knowing what rillettes are at the time of ordering, I was very confused when this dish arrived. Where is the crackling?! After some debate and looking up the definition we realised that we were in fact given the right dish, it just wasn’t what we expected. Despite the initial confusion I really enjoyed the rillettes, especially with the saltiness offset by the sour gherkins and sweet sauternes jam.

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Always a fan of one-pot-wonders, The Boy chose the casserole of the day ($39) which featured slow-cooked sausage and beans and was brought straight to the table in its enamelled casserole dish.

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My dish was a braised beef cheek ($35) which was served with mashed potato, a crispy strip of bacon, and a lovely jus. The meat was beautifully tender, pulling apart easily with a fork. I always fear plate-envy, but in this case I was extremely happy with my choice.

All up: P’tite Ardoise is the best French food I’ve had in Perth, and with the warm ambience and friendly staff, dining there is a very enjoyable experience. The Menu du Jour (which all our dishes were chosen from) gives some great seasonal dishes – they did winter food so perfectly, I’m curious to see how different the summer offerings are. There’s also the Les Classiques menu, with classics like fillet mignon, canard a l’orange and of course escargot, which I think I’d go for as a starter next time. The pricing makes it more of a special occasion place for us, but I feel that it’s justified and the servings very much adequate. Well worth trying, and going back again for good measure!

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