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Spring has finally decided to show up here in Perth, and after a lot of rainy weekends conditions were right to do a bit of gardening! We’ve mostly been concentrating on the interior of our new place, but it actually has a decent sized courtyard that gets a fair amount of sun.

The previous owners also left some planters of herbs which have been revived in the warmer weather – fingers crossed they stay that way! The Thai basil started to flower before I could prune it, but thankfully the leaves have kept their aniseed-y taste and not gotten bitter, so I plan on pruning it down and using the leaves and flowers in a stir-fry. The mint I’ve just been adding to pizzas, salads and yoghurt dressing, but every time I look at them I can’t stop thinking about mojitos!


My mum gave us these lovely succulent roses, a few of which I’ve moved into a small pot to keep with me at work. I don’t normally bother with plants that I can’t eat, but these are so pretty and low-maintenance. We also have pink climbing roses along one wall, which are starting to bloom but are looking a little worse for wear with the windy weather we’ve been having.


Some other new additions to our garden – a seed tray of salads that I planted last week (the ones which have sprouted are rocket), and a chilli seedling called black pearl, which should give small round chillies which are black until they turn red at maturity. The last time I tried to grow chillies they were completely devoid of taste or heat, so we’re going to give this one a lot of attention and fertiliser and hope they end up super hot.


Finally, we have a new tomato plant from my mum which is working its way up its stand and will hopefully also be more successful than our last attempt. I also tried to give my little basil plant, which I started as a seed, a bit of a turn outside but it didn’t agree with him at all. So he’s back inside and recovering nicely, with lots of new leaves growing around the sides after a pruning on the top. Having herbs indoors is pretty useful, so I’ve now sown some coriander and chrysanthemum seeds to harvest as ‘micro-herbs’ in little pots by the kitchen window to keep Baz company.


The warmer, nicer weather has made me so much more happy and energetic – the days are getting longer and feel full of promise. What’s growing in your garden this year?

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