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I want to write about Tasmania, but I must finish my Eurotrip posts first! Just a few left!

I have to admit, one of the reasons that I loved Seville (or Sevilla) in Southern Spain so much was the comparatively warm weather. After the snow and rain of the past few months in countries further north, sunny weather and a bit of warmth was definitely appreciated. We visited the Cathedral of Seville, arguably the largest church in the world, and climbed La Giralda for spectacular views of the city. Deciding against watching a bull fight in the Bull Fighting Arena (which I’m really glad of after reading my friends’ account), we explored the beautifully tiled Plaza de España and had a picnic by the banks of the Guadalquivir River.

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One of the other things I loved about southern Spain is the stronger presence of Moorish architecture and artwork, particularly in the Real Alcázar, which was originally built as a Moorish fort and is one of the most well preserved Muslim buildings in Spain. Although there are areas that later Christian kings have added or ‘improved’, there are still colourful tiles in geometric patterns, intricate Arabic prayers carved in stone, lush orange groves and calm water features. The tile patterns penis enlargement excersizes in particular really captured me – I have hundreds of photos of them and no idea what to do with them yet.

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Foodie Notes: 

  • Like all of Andalusia, Spain is known for its tapas. Here you order the tapas separately instead of being included in the price of the drinks, but they’re usually quite inexpensive.
  • I broke our rule of not eating too close to a tourist attraction or train station, and regretted it – the tapas bar near the Cathedral served mediocre food and charged us for the plastic wrapped bread which is usually free, the jerks!
  • Bar Eslava happened to be close to our hostel and fantastic quality, plus they gave us a little bowl of beans and olives with our drinks.
  • Bodega Santa Cruz is one of the older and more traditional tapas bars in Seville, and definitely the most loud and lively one I’ve been to! Even at the odd (by Spanish standards) eating time the place was packed with both locals and tourists, with the bar staff yelling orders through to the kitchen and tallying up your bill in chalk right on the counter. The atmosphere is intimidating but exciting, and the food really worth fighting the crowds for.

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Tapas at Bar Eslava


Bodega Santa Cruz

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