Goodbye 2013

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The Boy said this morning that this year was one of the most significant we’ve had so far. I argued that moving in together, across the country in 2009 was pretty big, as was getting married in 2011, but this year as definitely been a big one. I began the year in Paris, the halfway point of our Eurotrip. This year we bought and moved into the first home that we’ve owned, I left freelancing for a new job, and The Boy started and completed his post-grad diploma.

Getting by on one salary whilst paying a mortgage for the first time was a bit of a challenge, but I’m grateful for the experience – I think it’s taught me how to prioritise. A few special meals in restaurants rather than more frequent outings, a really nice piece of long-lasting furniture instead of a cheap and nasty one, entertaining at home instead of going out for drinks, sleeping in a camper car on holiday instead of a hotel. I’m especially proud of cutting back on my clothes buying habits – since we returned to Perth in February, I’ve bought just a few secondhand items and just recently a couple of new ones, after conceding that my old shoes and t-shirts genf20 hgh ingredients were starting to fall apart.

If I ever get to a “mo’ money, mo’ problems” point in my life, or a time when I feel like my possessions are beginning to own me, I want to always remember – in 2013 we didn’t have a whole lot, but we were incredibly happy!

I put my hair into pin curls this morning, then hid it beneath a scarf and spent the day baking tarts and food styling with Sam and Sab. I’ve decided I’m over paying ridiculous amounts of money to stand and drink in a crowded bar on New Years Eve – if I’m going to be paying a lot, it might as well be for a 3 course dinner with friends at The Trustee (which I really enjoyed the first time). I’ve offered up our place to retreat to afterwards for sparklers (the pyrotechnic kind, not a cute word for champagne), coffee and the aforementioned tarts. Half my friends seem to be off roaming the world at the moment, but I’m looking forward to us being reunited towards the end of 2014!

Whether you loved 2013 or are happy to see it behind you, I wish you all the best for the new year!

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