Have a very shiny Christmas

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After last year’s low key Christmas in Freiburg, it’s kind of nice to go back to the more familiar holiday season of rising heat, barbecues, gatherings with various friends, and of course a whole lot of food. Thankfully the forecast is for a respectable 31˚C, which is much more pleasant than last weekend’s heatwave. I’ll be celebrating with my mum’s side of the family, which usually involves a potluck selection of curries, ‘traditional’ Australian Christmas food like cold ham, prawns, potato salad and chicken wings, and the odd random adopted international dish just for the hell of it. I’ve been told I can bring something if I want, but since I usually inflict cooking experiments of varying degree of success on them, it has been hinted that I should just get The Boy to make our contribution. I’m still part of the ‘kids table’ – I think you only graduate to the grown-ups table when you clearpores herbal supplement start producing the next generation – where we quote from the Simpsons, reminisce of Christmases past, and usually end up playing a heated game of Pictionary.

As a Christmas present to myself, I splurged on some pretty gold calligraphy ink to play around with. The shininess isn’t coming out well in the photos, but it really is very pretty, especially on black paper. I wanted to attempt an Instagram video of me writing “Merry Christmas”, but somehow it ended up involving my DSLR, a tripod and downloading Adobe Premiere to edit it – far more effort than a 15 second video is worth, but that’s what holidays are for right? If I can get this process down maybe there will be more videos in future! You can find me @chigarden on Instagram, and that video should be up soon (hopefully before Christmas!).

Whatever and however you celebrate, I hope you have a good one!

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