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I have finally gotten around to organising all my Instax photos, including ones from my wedding and our Eurotrip, into cute little albums. I had some vague plans of putting them together into a big frame and hanging it on a wall, but until I make up my mind on what to do these little Instax albums are a pretty and colourful way to store them.


Until now, most of my Instax photos have been living in a LadurĂ©e box, my only souvenir from Paris. Surprisingly it’s the perfect size, and was small enough to carry around in my little suitcase for the remainder of our trip. I do have a bad habit of hoarding random boxes and containers, which I’ve been trying to cull lately, but this one is definitely sticking around.


My favourite play blackjack online with friends thing about these albums is that they come in lots of pretty colours! I do admire and love to look at clean, minimalist, monochromatic interiors and have at times really tried to make it work for me – but the fact is that bright, fun colours and a certain degree of clutter are far more my thing. Here’s a little peek at my big Expedit shelf (despite my best efforts, I haven’t escaped IKEA) which divides our front room and hides my messy desk from the front door. In between the hideous heat over the past few weekends, I’ve been organising my ‘office’ and shelves to be a bit more presentable – more on that soon.


No ulterior motives here – I just really enjoy these products! My Instax camera, film and the albums were purchased by me.


  1. Oh I need to find a good way to store my instax pics too. Like you, I’ve just kept them inside a little business card-esque box. I have one photo album thing that you can stand up like a photo frame. I love the colours of the little albums.

    Will def have to look into them!

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