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I’ll get into my proper Tasmania travel posts next week, but let’s start with what we did on our first morning after arriving in Hobart – coffee and breakfast! When I asked for recommendations for places to dine out in Hobart, more than half were for caf├ęs and brunch spots. The Boy was keen to go pick up our car first thing in the morning and grab a quick bite on the way to Port Arthur, but I insisted on getting up earlier for a proper Hobart breakfast.


Pilgrim Coffee happened to be the closest option – and also happens to be very highly reviewed, especially for coffee, a very important factor when you’ve just flown in from Perth and need to get used to living 3 hours in the future. The interior is industrial chic, with rustic brick walls, dark wood floorboards, bronze finish tabletops and chairs which look like they could have come from an old movie theatre. Being rather early on a Sunday morning, we had most of the place to ourselves. In true hipster form the menu is printed on a block of wood and does in fact have a ‘Hipster Breakfast’ option.


Our coffee was excellent, certainly the best I had in Tasmania, and was served with a small complimentary bowl of cinnamon popcorn. I’m not sure if this typically accompanies coffee at Pilgrim or is more of a pre-meal complimentary amuse-bouche, but I was starving and love free stuff, so it was very much appreciated.


My choice was MaleExtra the Portuguese Breakfast ($20), which consisted of chorizo and spiced scrambled eggs on sourdough. This is the kind of thing that I often chuck together for ‘brinner’ when lacking inspiration, but as I do love those meals it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Maybe I should have gone for something a little more adventurous, although I always find it difficult to go past chorizo.


The Boy went with something a little different – Slow Eggs and Beef ($18). It’s a bit difficult to make melt-in-your-mouth pulled beef look pretty, but I appreciated the attempt with some lovely plating with flowers, pickled beetroot and radish cream (I think?). I failed to get a yolk-porn shot, but rest assured those eggs were cooked beautifully. The beef tasted much better than it looks!


All up: Pilgrim serves up coffee that’s up there with the best I’ve ever had, just the thing for weary travellers. The food is quirky and feels like fine-dining, both in the inventive options and in the polished presentation. Prices are a little on the high side, but coming from Perth it felt normal. The place itself is beautiful, and I now really want those tabletops! The service was friendly and attentive, although there were only a couple of other people in the place when we were there.

I definitely recommend this place for coffee and an avant-garde breakfast – this isn’t the place you order standard bacon and eggs. Altogether it was a very promising beginning to our Hobart trip!

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  1. Hello, just a q about the chiffon cake recipe, do you grease the tin prior to pouring in the cake mixture? Going to attempt the recipe this weekend. Wish me luck xx

    1. My mother in law insisted that the tin NOT be greased at all – apparently this helps it rise better! It did stick slightly but ran a sharp knife around the edges and and came out nicely :) Good luck!

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