Public Transport Haikus

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Just a quick one for Friday! Those of you who follow me on Twitter or Facebook might already be familiar with my Public Transport Haikus, which I write on the long commute to work. It started as half-hearted idea that I didn’t think would keep my interest for long, but I’ve kept adding to them once a week or so and now have quite a few. It isn’t wonderful poetry by any means, but it does pass the time on those long bus and train rides.

As it turns out, it’s difficult to keep track of older posts with a certain hashtag on Twitter and Facebook, so to keep a record I’ve ported them all onto a Tumblog specifically for Public Transport Haikus. Being the nerd that I am it of course needed its own special theme, which is fully responsive (check it out on your phone or resize your browser window – pretty sweet huh?) and auto cross-posting to my other social networking platforms.

I really do believe in walking, cycling or using public transport as much as possible – although buses and trains aren’t as comfortable as a car, it is much more sustainable and for me less stressful (most of the time). It’s also always interesting to observe other commuters and how they react to things, even if there is the odd nutcase. I doubt I’ll run out of material to work from any time soon!


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