Orange & Guava Jelly

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Well, you can’t win ’em all. This weekend’s dessert was rushed and didn’t turn out quite as planned, so I considered just not posting one for this week. But not everything turns out perfectly all the time, and with cooking in particular I’ve found that the best wins are gained from venturing beyond the comfortable – even if there are a few misses along the way.


The aim here was to use some sad oranges and guavas which were hanging around my kitchen far too long, and turn them into jubes. I began by blitzing up the fruit with a stick mixer, then straining out pulp and seeds from the juice with a sieve. This orange and guava juice (which was delicious, maybe I should have stopped there) was then heated on the stove and sugar and soaked gelatine leaves added in. I poured the jelly mixture into a square dish to set Cialis, and crossed my fingers that I’d added enough gelatine for that nice firm jube texture.

Apparently not.


I don’t have the best track record with gelatine, and unfortunately this ended up as a slightly soft and wet jelly rather than the firmness I was after. Rolling the jelly in sugar resulted in the sugar melting into it, and then started to melt itself in the warm and slightly humid weather. It did taste brilliant with that distinctive guava flavour, and I loved the beautiful pinkish-orange colour, but that texture was just not what I was looking for. Usually I’d figure out a way to turn it into something else that looks intentional, but since I’d been patiently waiting for the jelly to set all day I only had fifteen minutes to shoot, sprinkling on some sugar and snapping away quickly before it melted too much.


Oh well, better luck next time!

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