The Source Restaurant, Hobart

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Before our visit to the MONA gallery in Hobart we stopped for breakfast at The Source Restaurant, the fine dining establishment attached to the museum and fancy pants accommodation. Entering the beautiful first-floor cafe and seeing the pristine tableware, extremely polite waitstaff and stunning view over Hobart I was a bit concerned that we’d be spending the day’s food budget just on breakfast, but I was pleasantly surprised.


After the previous day’s heavy breakfast at Pilgrim, we both decided to opt for lighter options. The Boy had poached fruits and yoghurt (~$10 I think), which was simple and light.


I opted for the bircher muesli with cinnamon apples and yoghurt ($10) which was beautifully spiced and fit the bill of a light and relatively healthy breakfast.


We found the coffee ($4.50 – rivalling Perth prices there) pleasant but definitely inferior to Pilgrim Coffee.

I’m not sure if it’s a where to buy vigorelle retail standard complimentary accompaniment to breakfast at The Source or if the waiter felt sorry for us as all the hotel guests were getting them, but we were offered one of a selection of freshly baked in house mini pastries. Fresh pastry isn’t something I get to have too often, and despite trying to keep this breakfast light I couldn’t say no – I’d have eaten five of these croissants had I been given the opportunity.


Breakfast of course doesn’t really show off the skill of the chef, which apparently really shines at lunch and the degustation dinner. For a fine dining restaurant The Source is surprisingly affordable by Perth standards, and even if you don’t want to spring for a meal then I’d say it’s worth it to just go for coffee and the spectacular view (and maybe a sneaky croissant if they actually are just handing them out at breakfast time).

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