Adventures in Tasmania, Part Four

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After Launceston we continued on to Freycinet, dropping by St Columba Falls, the wonderful Pyengana Dairy Company, and the orange rocks at the Bay of Fires along the way.

We suffered through a day of pouring rain, not the best thing in an area known for its stunning natural landscapes, and spent the day cooped up in our camper car, waiting for the rain to pause long enough to boil the kettle for a cup of tea (my diary from this day: “RAINED ALL DAY, VERY BORED”. Thankfully the skies cleared enough the next day for an epic long lunch tour (which deserves its own post), and hiking to Wineglass Bay and The Hazards the day after that. Whilst Wineglass Bay is stunning from above, we were rewarded for doing the longer trek to The Hazards beach, which was at least as beautiful on the ground and far more interesting, with strata of oyster shells left from past generations of Aborigines feasting.

When people ask me for recommendations of places in Tasmania to visit, Freycinet is always top of my list. Between the food, the wine and the incredible landscapes, it’s an unmissable part of the world.

Next up: that long lunch tour, and that’s Tassie recaps done!

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