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If you’ve visited my website over the past few days, you might have noticed that I’ve sneakily redesigned and rebranded. ChiGarden has always been a ‘creative playground’ for me – a place to show what I’ve been experimenting with lately, and that has always included the layouts themselves.

I still have a few bits and pieces to finish up, but for the most part I’m pretty happy with how it’s looking! Without getting too nerdy, my favourite parts are the nice big featured images at the top of the posts, and the randomised thumbnail archives page. I found that with my previous design, the images were looking pretty tiny on my nice big screen. Inspired by print magazines, long format articles and editorial websites Buy Viagra, I’ve tried to make the layout dedicated entirely to presenting the content as clearly and beautifully as possible, without clutter. It might look simple and minimalist, but of course minimalism takes more work to get it looking right without distractions.

Also, a big thank you to those who responded with their advice on my previous post about the direction of this blog. I feel like I have a much clearer idea of where I’d like to take it – more personal, more varied and hopefully more frequent. Thanks for hanging in there with me!

Pictured above: some small renovations we’ve been doing on our unit. More on that stuff later, I just wanted to show off the nice big featured photo!


  1. Super jealous T! I’ve yet to begin renovating mine but I have ideas in my head already about the look and feel. Do you use a custom WordPress theme by the way? x

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