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Some people like to celebrate milestones and achievements at work with jewellery; I do it with a fountain pen.

I’ve never had a fountain pen before, and apparently this one – a Lamy Joy calligraphy pen – is a good one to start with. Here you can see how messy my real handwriting is, even when I’m trying to be neat! It’s taking some getting used to and I don’t love the blue ink that came with it (I feel it’s a bit light and flat compared to the blue I use for dip pen calligraphy practice), but I’m taking every opportunity to write with it. You can see the beginnings of an update to my 30 Before 30 list above and some planning for a dinner party I had over the weekend below (although I ended up too lazy to make the heated drinks). By the way, I would not recommend using a fountain pen on Moleskine notebooks – it bleeds and seeps through the back!

fountain pen-2

I realised the other day (or more like blurted it out to one of my bosses over drinks) that I haven’t been a full-time employee anywhere for much longer than a year. The longest I’ve spent in any one job was the four years I spent freelancing. People like to roll their eyes and make some kind of comment about Gen Y being rolling stones, but I don’t really see anything virtuous in spending most of your waking hours somewhere that isn’t right for you, unless that really is the only way to pay the bills. This fountain pen was to celebrate passing my probation period of three months, although that was a few months ago now. I’m a lot more ‘settled’ in general these days, and have found a nice balance between design and web work during the day, art and writing in the evenings. Maybe it’s time to gather some moss.

P.S. I am doing stunningly badly at early mornings this week, and have swung further in the opposite direction by napping even longer after my alarm has gone off. Oh well, tomorrow is a new day right?

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