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This weekend’s harvest:


Fourteen grape tomatoes, of various ripeness levels. I’ve found that they tend to split or get attacked by bugs if I let them ripen fully on the vine, so have started picking them slightly green. Our plant has been surprisingly more prolific over winter than it was during warmer weather, and although the fruit take a little while to ripen they are beautifully sweet.


Some pretty pink roses from our climbing vine, the petals of which I ended up drying in the microwave to decorate cakes with at some point in the future. I didn’t really have too much interest in our roses until I figured out how I could eat them! Although now that I’ve actually stopped to smell them, they do have a delicate scent.


And one (slightly snail-eaten) four leaf clover. Still lucky right?


Oh and I have high hopes for these little guys – spinach, radicchio and rocket grown from seed. I ended up thinning them slightly now they’re getting bigger and competing for space, pulling up a few here and there and using them on top of my dinner – a thrown-together affair of homemade bread, the riper grape tomatoes above, and some fancy fetta and olive oil.

I’m not the best gardener, but I think I’m getting better at not killing things right away at least!

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