One Thing: meat-free

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Following on from my post about New Year’s resolutions, here’s the One Thing I’ll be focusing on for February – going without meat.

Personally I don’t have an ethical issue with eating meat, I don’t think that being vegetarian is necessarily healthier than an omnivorous diet, and I don’t plan to stick to a meat-free diet in the long term. So why do it for a month?

I think the meals The Boy and I cook are far too meat-centric, which results in us eating more meat than is really necessary. You could of course argue that meat isn’t necessary at all, but for those of us who do eat it the recommendation seems to be 65 to 100 grams in a serving, and not every day. I can tell you that we eat quite a bit more than that normally, as do most Australians – apparently we’re amongst the biggest meat eaters in the world.

Other reasons include wanting to eat more vegetables in general, the high environmental cost of meat production, and saving a bit of money in order to buy higher quality organic cuts.

Giving up something for a month (especially a short one like February) might seem a bit pointless, but I’ve found it’s a good starting point for deconstructing bad habits and kicking off a new one. I’m hoping by the end of this month I’ll be better equipped with meat-free meal ideas and get out of the habit of having large chunks of meat every day. The Boy will be joining me on this one (and no I didn’t force him, it was his idea!) so it’s good to have some support. I’ll report back with any great vegetarian recipes we try out, in case any of you want to try this challenge for a month or just for a meat-free day.

How are your New Year’s resolutions going? Feel free to join me in just doing One Thing a month instead of big year-long goals!


  1. I applaud you for taking this step :) for me, it can be hard to change diets, but like coke, I eventually weened myself off it and don’t crave it anymore. I go 6 days a week vegetarian now and have from one meal to one day a week with meat. And as you mentioned, we really don’t need that much meat for our human bodies. It works quite well for the wallet and health :p

    1. Thanks Ray! I’m not sure I’ll go quite down to 1 day a week meat in the long term, but definitely going for a significant reduction. One week in and I’m feeling pretty fine without any cravings – fingers crossed it stays this way :)

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