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I am not naturally a neat person. As much as I idealise minimalism, my personal ‘decorating’ style definitely tends more towards the chaotic than the calm. There’s plenty of studies to suggest that a little chaos is good for creativity, but quite often my little home office gets to a point where it’s actually difficult to work in. That’s why for March, my One Thing will be a bit of a home office makeover (or at least a severe tidy-up).

This is my office at its tidiest. It usually doesn’t stay this way for long.

My “office” is situated in a bizarre quirk of this 1970’s complex – it’s in an entrance area which was technically planned to be a balcony, but built on as an extra room. I was standing just to the right of my front door when I took the above photo, so as soon as you enter our unit you can see the mess peeking through the dividing bookshelf. It gets chilly in the winter and overheated in the summer, but the abundance of natural light is cheerful and having lived in far smaller places previously I enjoy having my own bit of space.

Sadly this is only a small portion of my hobby stuff, and artwork needing to be framed.

My ‘standing desk’ (aka an IKEA desk with a sawn off IKEA coffee table sitting on top of it) sits against one window, tall black shelves turned on their side against another, and a sewing cabinet against the third. In one corner sits an easel and a little trolley with paint stuff and various other bits of junk, despite the fact that I have yet to complete an actual painting. My shelves tell the story of my most recent hobbies, with the older stuff currently taking over a cupboard in The Boy’s study. Most of this stuff isn’t touched for months at a time, especially as my spare time these days revolves around Side Project and calligraphy. It’s untidy, dusty, and not really the best use of space for what I do these days.

My standing desk, and an embarrassing amount of dust

Part of me would like to get a proper standing desk, but having one half elevated and the other at sitting height means I can sit down for calligraphy and stand for computer work, without having to worry about moving a desk up and down. It does however require some organising, and that foot stool isn’t really high enough for me to work properly whilst sitting. And I still love my green grass rug!

So anyway, here’s the plan:

  1. Rationalise stuff on shelves and surfaces down to the essentials; let go of old hobby items or banish them to the more hidden craft cupboard until I feel like picking them up again.
  2. Come up with a better system for a tidy desk, with less stuff cluttering it up.
  3. Get a better chair; consider getting a new standing desk.
  4. Frame up those languishing bits of artwork.
  5. Decorate the area above the black shelves – I’m thinking hanging a big piece of plywood/pine/pegboard and hanging things, or painting a mural. Some ideas below:

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

I’m hoping that a clean, calm and organised work area will make it easier to do my calligraphy and lettering practice, and look a little less embarrassing as the first thing people see when they come over!

How did my meat-free month go you ask? I’ll be getting to that in my next Head & Heart post soon! How are you getting along with your New Year’s resolutions?

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