Head & Heart – March 2015

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As always, I’m terrible at getting my Head & Heart monthly post done in a timely manner! Now most of the way through April it’s a bit hard to cast my mind back to March, but I’ll give it a try…

“A monthly capture of my feelings and doings, in the raw.”

One Thing for March

My One Thing for March was going to be a home office makeover, but challenges early in the month made that feel a bit too ambitious. My goal wound up being to just keep swimming and make it through. Some months that’s enough of a goal, I think!

I’m grateful for

Alone time. I’ve long ago learned to (mostly) deal with my shyness and I do like meeting people and socialising – as long as I can have a good bit of breathing room on my own afterwards. I generally try to keep my weekend socialising to a maximum one thing per day, or just one for the whole weekend if I can get away with it. It sounds like a weird excuse to make to people but I’ve discovered how necessary that space is to me, and I’m grateful I’m able to make time for it.

I’ve been thinking about

How we put people into boxes. A pretty standard starting point in a conversation with a new person is “So, what do you do?” (the other one I get a lot is “Where are you from?”, “Yes you’re Australian, but where are you from?”). It make sense, an effort to categorise people and the way we tend to refer to acquaintances for those who can’t remember names well. But conversationally is it really the best option? If someone is really into what they do it’s easy to follow up with more questions, but if you don’t know enough about their profession to carry on the conversation or they seem to really hate their job then it’s a bit of a dead end. I also feel like more people I know are taking breaks from their career, changing course, have an unusual situation that’s difficult to explain or just really don’t feel like their job is a big part of their identity.

The past month I’ve had a few people tell me, separately, that they don’t like to ask “what do you do” and go with something more along the lines of “what are you passionate about?”, which sounds like it could be a pathway to much more interesting conversations! What do you think?

I’m excited for

A week off. I booked a whole week off of work in July (my birthday week!) without any plans. It feels a bit weird taking time off when it’s not for travelling somewhere and it’s difficult to not start thinking about what projects I could complete with a whole week free, but the point was more to have some time to relax, think and not be rushing around. I just read about Bill Gates taking a week off twice a year for his “Think Week”, so I feel a bit more justified, although I don’t think I’ll be taking a helicopter to a remote cottage and blocking all calls.

What I’ve been doing

In March I was mostly just madly trying to get Issue 2 of Side Project completed and into stockists. The hard work certainly paid off and now it’s full steam ahead with the next one!

I’ve been reading

The Life-changing Art of Tidying Up,(aka that konmari method book) by Marie Kondo. I intend to write a proper review on this one – the book itself reads oddly, but I did actually find it rather life changing!

I gave up on On the Road – I can wade through a classic if I feel like I’m getting something out of it, but the characters and their escapades just don’t hold enough interest for me in this case. Life is too short, and my to-read list is too long.

More from me elsewhere

Side Project – Issue 2 is out (and sold out)! I didn’t write anything for this one, but tried my hand at editing, proof-reading and some illustrations.

Interview on Duke St House Blog – the lovely Amy interviewed me about Side Project and what goes on behind the scenes!

Join the fun by writing your own Head & Heart post for the month and submitting over on Helen’s blog at Lime Tree Bower.

Photo of African penguins at Burns Beach, South Africa. Which I will finish posting about eventually!


  1. It’s so nice to see someone else who feels that way about weekend time! I was trying to explain it to a friend the other day who didn’t quite get it – but having too many commitments on the weekend makes me feel really overwhelmed and like I’m missing out on recharge time. My perfect weekends have 1 fun thing planned with friends or family, and the rest of the time relaxing with my partner and working on hobbies/projects/reading/gaming.

    1. I completely agree! These days I’ll often tell people I’m busy and not elaborate unless asked. You’re definitely not alone in feeling this way :)

  2. I’ve been trying to ANSWER the ‘what do you do’ differently. I’ll say ‘oh I work at [place] but that’s just my job. I like to garden and make stuff, that’s what i DO’. The trouble is getting over how cheesy it sounds! But I’ve been making career decisions lately and deciding to not chase more impressive, highly-paid jobs, and rather go for less exciting but also less stressful jobs, so I can have time to DO the things that I DO. I don’t have a passion I can make into a career, so I want to make my job serve my life. And it’s a much more interesting conversation that way, too. I understand the conversation starter aspect, usually when I ask it I say ‘what do you do when you’re not [whatever we’re doing right now]’ which is more open to interpretation and lets people say what they want. I’ve had people light up and be excited to share with me the thing they DO that isn’t work. And I just love talking to people who are excited about what they do!

    As long as I can get over how goofy it sounds! I need to practice it in the mirror a bit more.

    I feel that way about books, too. I don’t read very fast these days and life’s too short to slog through books. There are so so many good ones out there!

    1. I feel your pain Kate! For me it’s partly because my identity is quite tied up in being a designer, but the easiest way to describe my job to people is “I make pretty websites”, which just feels very reductive. ‘What do you do when you’re not ___’ is a great way to phrase things, I’ll have to use that one! I feel like it’s a lot more casual than ‘What are you passionate about’ etc. and not goofy at all. I would certainly be one of the people who lights up when asked ^_^

      I really make an effort with my classics but yes there are so many good ones out there! I sometimes think maybe it just isn’t the right time for the book to really speak to me, and at least with an e-book I can always give it another go down the track.

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