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The Boy and I headed to Fremantle on a sunny Sunday to say goodbye to most of my book collection at Elizabeth’s Bookstore – but first, brunch. As far as brunch locations go, Bread In Common in Fremantle is an odd one. Part restaurant, part bakery it serves incredible house-made bread and excellent coffee. The rest of the seasonal menu is a bit more surprising.


Housed in a converted warehouse, Bread In Common is all about the communal dining experience. The restaurant is filled with long communal tables, and most of the dishes are intended to be shared family-style. This makes for a unique brunch menu, devoid of the usual suspects of poached eggs on toast or pancakes. Feeling maybe a little unadventurous, The Boy and I ordered two of the more breakfast-like dishes – scrambled organic eggs & toast with dukkah, and goat sausage with fennel. Oh and bread, glorious bread, with their house-made butter.


I usually avoid scrambled eggs as it’s easy for them to become rubbery, but these were the softest and fluffiest I’ve had. The sausage dish was beautifully savoury, offset with the crunchy fennel and slightly sweet sauce, which we mopped up with bread until the plate was clean. The white sourdough bread however was the star – freshly baked, soft and filling.


The pricing is on the steep side even for Perth, but if you’re stuffing yourself with bread (and why wouldn’t you at a place called Bread In Common?), a couple of well-chosen dishes go a long way. The restaurant itself looks spectacular – carefully constructed for exactly the right amount of raw, rustic and trendy. I really wished they’d turned up the lights though – you wouldn’t have known it was a sunny morning outside.

I’m rarely in Fremantle these days, but next time I’m around I’ll have to drop by, even if it’s just to grab a loaf of bread.

Bread in Common
43 Pakenham Street, Fremantle WA 6160
(08) 9336 1032
Sun – Thurs: 10am – 10pm
Friday – Saturday: 10am – late

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