Head & Heart – June 2015

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Slipping in at the last minute for this month’s Head & Heart. Just a quick one, as June was a while ago now and I’ll be writing about July soon!


Perth winter weather – sure we’ve had some chilly days and a bit of rain, but having now experienced bits of winter around the world I can appreciate our relatively mild season. We’ve even had some amazingly warm and sunny days that don’t feel like winter at all.


Calligraphy work – I somehow keep getting requests for calligraphy or lettering work, possibly because many skilled calligraphers aren’t to bothered about having a website or optimising it for search engines. My lettering website pretty much just has a few posts about how much of a beginner I am, but somehow that seems to be enough to convince people to hire me. I’ve started thinking about making it into a proper portfolio website and blogging there a bit more regularly, as well as getting back into consistent calligraphy practice.


The problem with doing this a month late is that the things I was excited for have already happened! By the end of June I was looking forward to my birthday, celebrating with friends, releasing Issue 3 of Side Project and having a nice week off of work to relax.

In the longer term I’m excited for our Mexico and Texas trip at the end of the year, which we’ve finally got around to booking tickets for!


Side Project Issue 4 – Straight from releasing Issue 3 and on to producing Issue 4! It’s hard work but we have a really exciting lineup once again. I’m researching and writing an article for this one as well as the usual editor stuff, so need to really get onto it.

Speaking at the Colour Society of Australia’s event, GIRLBOSS. I was so honoured to be asked to speak at this event about being a creative person and running a business, along with some other ladies I greatly admire. I’m not the greatest at public speaking but it’s something I’d like to do more of.


Wedding invitations! One of my closest friends is getting married soon, so our team of bridesmaids spent a day printing, cutting and constructing the various pieces of her invitations. I was stressed out designing them but luckily my friend is the easiest client I could hope for. I’m considering creating some calligraphy wedding stationery sets to sell, but that’s just another thing to add to the list!


To Die For: Is Fashion Wearing Out the World? by Lucy Siegle – a fantastic book tracing back the cost of the fashion industry on both people and the environment. This was such an eye opener for me that I really need to write a proper review post. Here’s a quick grab:

Ask yourself: are you prepared to keep supporting lower garment prices, no matter what the consequences? Every pound spent in a value-fashion retailer when you can afford to shop elsewhere is a vote cast for a particular way of working the fashion-supply chain. Is that really what you want to support?

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  1. Congratulations on your achievements this month.

    To Die For is a great book. enjoy Lucy Siegle’s writing. I recently purchased “Stitched-Up: The Anti-Capitalist Book of Fashion” by Hoskins, which is in a pile of books I want to read! (Marie Kondo would not approve.)

    1. Thanks Elissa! I really enjoyed Siegle’s writing style as well, it was very persuading. Let me know if the Hoskins one is any good!

  2. Congrats on all your success with Side Project mag as well as with speaking at GIRLBOSS Teresa! I’d definitely love to contribute something one day when I’m not crazy swamped, if you’ll have me.

    Ethical fashion is something that really tugs at my heartstrings too, and it’s something I talk about often when it becomes relevant in conversations with friends. Ethical fashion is made all the more difficult for the everyday consumer to choose because it often comes at a price point higher than what they can afford, and that really sucks. At least there’s a little more awareness about this stuff now than there was in the past; and whilst I don’t expect to see it happen in my lifetime, maybe one day choosing ethical fashion will be as easy as choosing gluten-free at the supermarket.

    1. I’d love to have you contribute to Side Project when you’re up to it :)

      Ethical fashion is hard to speak about with friends, I’ve found – there’s too many uncomfortable truths that people don’t like being reminded of. I’m still trying to figure out a less preachy way of going about answering why I’m not at all interested in the new Zara or H&M or whatever.

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