Head & Heart – July 2015

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I was determined to get in early for this month’s Head & Heart post, even though I’ve only just done the June one! July is always a month of celebration and eating for me, and this year the trend continued.


Getting to meet interesting creative people. I have to admit that I’m content with my group of friends and rarely make the effort to find more, but I always find creative people fascinating to meet with. Side Project has given me a convenient excuse to ask people I admire to meet up for coffee, an interview or a photo shoot, and I’m always grateful to them for giving up their time and expertise.


Turning 30. It’s one of those ages that’s an imaginary deadline – by this point you’re supposed to have figured your life out, bought a house, gotten married, had kids, seen the world. Most people I know haven’t done all of those things by 30 (including me), and the world hasn’t ended. No one knows what they’re doing 100% of the time, you just hopefully get a little wiser coming out of mistakes. I’m feeling pretty good about things and positive about the future!



Pottery wheelwork class. I’ve started a six week class learning to throw clay (that is, shape it on a wheel), along with my mum. As usual I walked in with the naive belief that being good at some creative things meant I would get the hang of it immediately, but working with clay requires diligent practice and muscle memory. So far I’ve made three somewhat wonky bowls, which feels like a good start! I’ve been posting snippets of my progress each week on Instagram if you’re interested.


Attending STYLEAID. My workplace sponsors the black tie fashion event raising funds for the WA AIDS Council, and it was exciting to make the website for this year’s theme: GOGO! The night was all 60’s fun, fashion and far too much wine.

CoderDojo workshop for the IBM EXCITE Camp. I helped out with a workshop teaching 30 high school girls how to code their own website, as part of a camp encouraging girls to participate in science, maths and engineering. Most of these girls had never written a line of code before, yet after an hour they had their own little website with pictures, links and content that they created. Some even delighted in styling everything in Comic Sans (I think they were trolling me). I started learning code and getting into blogging at their age, which led me to where I am today – I hope some of them continue with it!

Visiting Margaret River. Enjoying a really long lunch at Voyager Estate and getting a bit of rest and relaxation.



A winter feast. I’d considered throwing a larger party to celebrate myself and The Boy turning 30, but fell back on our annual dinner party with close friends. I wrote invitations with calligraphy and spent the whole day of the event cooking a feast for 11 people, with The Boy’s help. I was exhausted but it ended up being a wonderful night.

Videos. I’ve downgraded to a little camera which happens to have an excellent burst mode, so I’ve been putting together short time lapse videos consisting of all the photos I take at events. I’m still getting the hang of the process but it’s a nice little summary of the night.


To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. With all the publicity and controversy over the newly released Go Set A Watchman, I thought it was about time I read this classic novel. An enjoyable read with endearing characters (I now wonder of the two Atticuses (Attici?) were named after the much beloved Atticus Finch). After reading reviews of Watchman I think I’m happy to skip it and cling to the classic version of these characters.

“You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view […] until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.”

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