Moving Forward (again)

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Done is better than perfect

I think I’ve used this title before, at various points in this blog’s (actually rather long) history. Usually it’s a conscious decision to leave something behind and embrace something else from that point onwards, although it doesn’t always work out the way that I plan.

The choice to leave ChiGarden quiet for almost three months was due to general procrastination which then evolved into the question – why am I doing this anyway, and is there something else I could be spending time on that will have more impact? The fact is that by your standard metrics for a ‘successful’ blog, this one is a bit of a failure. With 440 posts over six years, I think I have perhaps a handful of consistent readers (mainly friends), plus a few people who drop by via Twitter or Pinterest sporadically. Sometimes I feel as if I’m projecting these thoughts into the void and no one really cares but me, which is both saddening and freeing at the same time.

My main aim with this blog has always been to mess around with website layouts, improving photography and writing skills, and keeping a journal to look back on. It still serves that purpose, but there are other pockets of the internet where I can funnel my energy with more focus and move toward more tangible goals than internet fame and validation from strangers. Focus is my theme for this year – more on that another day – and I’ve found with writing at I’m trying to spread myself too thin.

I thought I’d maybe announce a hiatus on ChiGarden for the year whilst concentrating on other endeavours, but I’ve found that I’ve missed simply journalling about whatever grabs my interest! Here I can be free to pretty much write a stream of consciousness without worrying about crafting a personal brand or furthering particular goals.

So I’ll still be writing here, although posts might be sporadic, less frequent and possibly less ‘crafted’ whilst I shift my priority elsewhere. I think this space will always be too important and cathartic for me to let it go entirely! Thank you to that handful of loyal readers who keep stopping by to read my meandering words.

Do you ever stop to wonder why you continue to do something – whether it’s out of habit or because you actually need it?


  1. I’ve had much the same issue as you have. Less so from the point of view about whether or not someone is listening. It’s nice that it happens but it’s not why I do this sort of thing but more about the format and commitment required for it.

    Well, I say “required” but what I mean is what is required by my “standard” (whatever that means). I’ve gravitated more towards formats that require less upfront investment so the feeling to post more often is less burdensome. Even then, there are ebbs and flows.

    For me, I’ll keep what I’m doing until I don’t. I probably won’t go out with a bang but silently into the night.

    Though, it would be nice if you kept doing what you do. I don’t always come across it (mostly because I don’t use twitter much anymore) but I like the stuff you do when I have come across it.

    No pressure. Just my thoughts.

    1. Thanks for that Simon! It’s always nice to hear that someone is reading ;)

      I think I’m similar to you in the sense of ‘requirement’ – although I don’t really mind too much whether many or any people read what I write, I put pressure on myself to write regularly, look at what is popular so I can write more of it etc. It sometimes feels more like a burden than something I do for fun, so I want to take the pressure off of writing here so I can spend that time on my more targeted blogs.

  2. I question what I do all the time. Many things don’t hold up to questioning, but the ones that do, I feel more certain about. It’s good to go through that process every now and then. There’s no shortage of endeavours, but there’s only so many hours you get in a day, and so much energy you can invest in each hour. :) I love your blog. My favourite posts are the casual sounding ones about what’s been going on lately, and notes on your adventures. But I like reading that sort of thing from people I know, so I’m probably not a good representative of other people who follow your stuff!

    I feel everything we do should feel like fun, so I hope you find that peace and balance you’re after. :)

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