Jasper the Puppy

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My latest project: a little cavoodle puppy named Jasper!


Neither of us have ever had a dog before, so this is very new territory. There’s a lot of crying, a lot of mess and a lot of early mornings, but that’s what you sign up for with a puppy! He’s also very sweet, likes meeting new people and chasing us around the house. Oh, and he looks like a teddy bear.


It’s fun, emotional and interesting looking after a smaller creature.  When I pick him up I can feel how fragile his little ribcage is, and think about how this puppy’s life is in my hands, and how I generally struggle to even keep pot plants alive. But a dog has a way of demanding attention and care and pulling out from you a nurturing nature you didn’t think existed. I feel like he’s making me a more patient, kind and tolerant person (especially when I’m cleaning up the millionth pee accident that day). I imagine these feelings (and the sleep deprivation) are a hundred fold more intense for parents of human children, so much respect to them!
We’ve now had him for two and a half weeks, and at 11 weeks old he’s curious and perceptive, ready to start venturing outside for walks. You’re supposed to socialise young puppies as much as possible so that they aren’t afraid of meeting new people, and the unexpected side effect is that as owners we end up socialising more too. Often having a dog provides the common ground to begin a conversation, or just the delight in seeing a sweet and fluffy little puppy.

I have of course been taking a million photos of him – 90% of which end up blurry and unusable, because he’s not great at being still unless he’s sleeping. I said I wouldn’t become one of those pet owners who creates an Instagram account just for them, but on the whole I think it’s better than spamming everyone on my main account with my dog photos! You can follow Jasper’s adventures at @jasperoodle.



  1. He’s adorable! Instagram account followed. My friend at work also just got a cavoodle puppy, @harrytheboywizard on Insta! When we’re having a crap day at work/study, we get her to send us Harry photos. So good for the sould

    1. Thanks Elissa! Ooh I was already following Harry, he’s SO adorable! Puppy pics and cuddles really are good for the soul :)

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