Adventures in Mexico City

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Way back in December, The Boy and I went on a huge amazing trip around Mexico and Texas. I’ve put off posting here due to laziness, but I always look back so fondly on these travel diary posts so better late than never!

It took us days to reach Mexico city – not just because flying there took over a day, but due to extreme weather in Dallas, which was our transit stop. After our flight was cancelled (after several hours of hopeful delays), not once but twice, the third time was lucky and we finally made it to our destination, a few days short of when we hoped to arrive. It was frustrating and exhausting, but considering almost every flight through Dallas was in the same boat, and in the area people were losing their homes or their lives, we came out pretty alright.

Loved the decor in our little Mexico City apartment!

Once we (finally) arrived, we were welcomed into our beautiful little AirBnB apartment, decorated with pot plants, quirky prints, a piano and a type case. I like to try and make our first stop after a long journey a nice one, assuming we’ll have to recover from jet lag, but after our 3 day transit in Dallas we were ready to explore. Our host left us with a list of local sights and eateries to try out.

Fournier Rousseau, great pastries and coffee
Known for their almond crossaints (which were sold out!)
Catedral Metropolitana

The Zocalo, the main square in Mexico City, was festive and bustling with people traveling and celebrating Christmas and the New Year. We visited the cathedral and Templo Mayor – a huge Aztec temple complex from when the city was the Aztec city Tenochtitlan. The Spanish had flattened and built their cathedral over it, and the remaining ruins weren’t excavated until the 70’s.

Lots of lovely colonial architecture in Mexico city
Templo Mayor
Offerings found under Templo Mayor

One Aztec food in particular seems to remain popular in Mexico City – escamoles, or ant eggs! We had ours at El Cardinal, a traditional restaurant recommended by our host an very popular amongst locals. These are harvested from the giant ants that live amongst the agave plants, and surprisingly taste buttery, nutty and creamy, a bit like ricotta or a creamy risotto. Like almost all meals in Mexico, the dishes were served with housemade salsas of various heat levels, and plenty of steaming hot corn tortillas lovingly wrapped in a tea towel.

Ant eggs! Tastier than you would think

Our final stop was breakfast at Lalo, a quirky little cafe with modern and traditional dishes (ant eggs for breakfast anyone?). Our time in Mexico City was much shorter than intended, but we managed to see (and eat) a lot for a quick visit. Our first taste of Mexico confirmed it was exactly what we had hoped!

Our final breakfast at Lalo

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