Winter Down South (with a dog)

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To celebrate both mine and The Boy’s birthdays this year, we headed down south again – this time with our little puppy Jasper. Here’s a self-indulgent post of food, beaches and puppy.

down south July 2016-1

The rainy July weather unfortunately isn’t ideal for doing the kind of things we hoped to do with Jasper in tow – hiking, playing at the beach and visiting dog friendly cafes (which tend to only be dog friendly if you sit outside). It did however mean a relaxing long weekend of lounging in the dog-friendly studio apartment we rented via AirBnB (who run Temper Temper Chocolate), napping, reading, drinking wine and eating cheese.

down south July 2016-4
down south July 2016-6

Staying right next to the beach, we managed to dash out during breaks in rain for quick walks with a deliriously happy Jasper. Even in the cold and wet weather, I’m always struck by how beautiful our bit of the world is. It also made for some pretty dramatic rainbows!

down south July 2016-29
down south July 2016-28
down south July 2016-13
down south July 2016-15

We only managed one wine tasting stop, at the wonderfully welcoming Stella Bella Wines, the most dog friendly cellar door in the region. The best thing about wine tasting in winter (and at 11am at that…) is actually getting a chance to chat to the staff about the wine rather than just quaffing it. Since it’s possible to get some of the Stella Bella wines in bottleshops in Perth, I made sure to try some of the more special cellar door ones. Everything was impressive, but the Otro Vino was a favourite.

down south July 2016-16
down south July 2016-18

Whilst the son of our hosts looked after Jasper, we ducked away for a fancy celebratory lunch at Knee Deep Wines. They had a bit of an Asian Fusion thing going on (but in a good way), although admittedly I was glad to have the more Western slow cooked beef with potatoes main, which felt more appropriate for the weather.

down south July 2016-19
down south July 2016-20
down south July 2016-21
down south July 2016-22
down south July 2016-23
down south July 2016-24
down south July 2016-25
down south July 2016-27
down south July 2016-33

I think we’ll have to bring Jasper again in warmer weather so we can go on longer walks and have more beach time as planned, but it was still a nice way to celebrate turning 31.

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