Adventures in Yallingup (with a dog & a baby)

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Our first ever trip with baby Felix (then 3 months old) was our standard winter weekend getaway down south. With fingers crossed for nice weather and our car filled with the pram, portacot, baby stuff and dog stuff (plus baby and dog) we drove three hours out of Perth to our stay in Yallingup.

Felix wasn’t, and still isn’t, a fan of napping during the day. However car naps are a different story, and cruising at a steady pace with no red lights was a recipe for a sleepy baby. Jasper of course is a road trip pro by now; he’s happy as long as he gets a couple of toilet breaks along the way.

We spent our couple of days visiting beaches and having long lunches, before quiet evenings at our accommodation. It’s not as easy as it used to be with just the two of us, but it wasn’t as difficult as I expected to travel with a baby! This trip gave me the confidence to do longer trips with Felix in future.

Some things that worked for us:

  • An AirBnB with 1) a separate bedroom so Felix can go to bed early; and 2) a courtyard that we could safely leave Jasper in whilst going out for a nice lunch.
  • Staying an easy walking distance to the beach, for glorious sunsets.
  • A bunch of extra outfits for Felix – as much as I like minimalist packing, he was going through a phase with daily blowouts and nappy leaks, so this was a necessity
  • A baby carrier, essential for beach or nature walks! The one in these photos was a loan from Baby Wearers WA and really came in handy.
  • Making lunch the meal of the day (which we tend to do when down south anyway) – making breakfast and dinner at our accommodation kept costs down and gave Felix a shot at morning and afternoon naps.

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