Adventures in Japan – Mt Fuji

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Some of my best memories of the previous times I’d visited Japan were staying at traditional ryokan, with tatami rooms, kaiseki style meals, yukata to wear and an onsen to bath in. This time I was set on staying near Mt Fuji, the shy mountain I’d only seen shrouded in clouds.

We had an epic six leg journey from Osaka to Lake Kawaguchi one of the Fuji Five Lakes that surround the mountain. There we splurged on a ryokan with views of Mt Fuji over the lake – the best chance (but not guarantee) of being able to see it. As luck would have it, the weather on our second day in Kawaguchiko was clear and perfect with amazing views. We went up the rope way on a nearby mountain to get more views, but the ones from our accommodation were my favourite.

We also had beautifully laid out dinners served in our room, which was perfect for Felix to roll around on the soft tatami.

This was my third time to Japan and I think I should probably explore some other parts of the world, but I loved getting to experience it again with my little family.

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