Adventures in Japan – Osaka

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A home style cooking class was one of our highlights in Osaka. We caught the train out to meet Osaka local Naoko, who was inspired by a cooking class in New Zealand and now shares the techniques of everyday Japanese cooking from her home.

Mum, dad and baby in stroller with tofu seller at market
They make tofu here early each morning
Man and woman cooking in kitchen
Cooking in Naoko’s kitchen
Rice balls, fried lotus, grilled salmon and konyakku
Mum, dad and baby in front of table of Japanese food
2 okonomiyaki on hot grill
Japanese woman holding crying baby
Mochi and green tea

We first visited her local market (sadly growing smaller as more people choose to shop at supermarkets) for lotus root and handmade tofu. We then went to Naoko’s apartment to make okonomiyaki and various accompaniments. Unfortunately Felix was not keen to nap in the spare room or the travel pram as planned, so we spent most of the lesson and a good part of the meal trying to get him to calm down. But at least the food was great!

Other things we did in Osaka

Seeing whale sharks and jellyfish at Osaka Aquarium.

Mum, daddy and baby in carrier in front of whale shark display
Baby in carrier held by dad, in front of an aquarium
Whale shark in aquarium

Eating street food at Kuromon Market and Dotonbori.

Sashimi platter
Red baby octopus on a stick
Mum with baby in carrier, holding a stick of mochi
Melon bread with matcha ice cream
Giant moving crab in Dotonbori
Busy Dotonbori street

Going on quests for a decent latte (my fave was Mill Pour, which is also next to a nice bakery; Jeff liked Brooklyn Roasting Co; we also went on a big detour one day to Mel Coffee Roaster which great and very popular!).

Outside of small coffee shop
A lovely latte

Catching up with a friend in Amerikamura for lunch and strawberry dessert.

The inside of a cafe with strawberry themed decor
Strawberry sundae
Two women, one holding a baby in a carrier

Admiring Osaka Castle (and eating curry).

Dad holding baby in front of Osaka Castle
Osaka Castle
A plate of curry

We managed one day trip during our stay in Osaka – a quick one in Kyoto, up next.

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