Adventures in Japan – Tokyo

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So the last post was about the logistics of travelling Japan with a baby – here’s some things we actually did!


We arrived at Narita airport early in the morning after an overnight flight, and although the journey had gone well we were exhausted! After catching the train on to Tokyo we went for lunch to kill some time before checking in to our hotel, then just crashed. Jeff got some dinner from the local konbini and we ate it in our small hotel room in darkness and with whispered voices whilst Felix slept. At this point I was having serious doubts about whether this trip had been a good idea, but it was a bit late to turn back!

Sunrise view from the plane
Tired mum with baby in carrier at airport

On our first proper day in Japan we visited TeamLab Borderless, an interactive digital art exhibition in Odaiba. I was skeptical about it being worth the very long line, but once inside it made a lot of sense. Inside, we had to stow our pram in a holding area, which made sense as we walked into the exhibition (with Felix in a ring sling). The multi-sensory displays were beautiful, dizzying, fascinating rooms of moving lights and shapes; it felt like walking into Wonderland. This was pretty much the only thing we ended up managing to do in Tokyo, and I don’t regret it.

Psychedelic display of projected flower lights
Can you see us?
Crowd in light display
Lights projected onto a field of suspended discs

The next day we were off on the bullet train to Osaka. We did intend to return to Tokyo for a few days at the end of our trip before flying home, but had to cut our time short due to Typhoon Hagibis. We did however get to experience the insanity of Shinjuku station during the peak hour morning commute whilst trying to get to the airport, which I do not recommend!

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