Time for a refresh

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There was a time where I’d update the look and feel (and sometimes the whole platform and premise) of my blog almost every year. Those were the early days of blogging, and with them the early days of CSS and the beginning of my career as a designer. What a time to be alive!

These days the scene looks a little different, and I haven’t kept up with the intricacies of modern frontend development or the trends of web design since shifting my career towards user experience design. I also actually really liked my previous theme, which is probably why it continued to hang around for five years.

But now WordPress has these new shiny features that my poor old Bootstrap-based theme couldn’t keep up with, and my coding skills certainly weren’t up to updating. I’d find myself using this fact to put off writing any new posts – the last one was from last March, right as 2020 was shaping up to be one hell of a year. This Twenty Twenty One theme is simple and bold, and although messing with settings and dragging and dropping things around can be a bit frustrating at times, these days I’ll admit it’s more my speed than digging into the code.

ChiGarden logo
This is probably the fastest logo I’ve ever done.

I have more to write about the past year and my (gentle) plans for 2021, but for now this is just a goodbye to the old theme and a hello to the new.

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