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I’m Teresa Watts, often known as Chisa – a twenty-something year old freelance web designer and creative-everything-er from Perth, Australia.

By day I work as a freelance web and graphic designer; by night (and by weekend) I dabble in various personal projects involving crafting, sewing, cooking, entertaining and photography, amongst other things. My favourite things include tea, books, travelling and my husband.

This blog is a haphazard collection of random thoughts, photos and things that I’ve created, with an occassional focus on travel, food, fashion, entertaining, minimalism, sustainable living and sewing.

Currently The Boy and I are roaming around Europe for a few months, blogging as we go! If you’re planning a similar trip you might be interested in my posts on minimalist packing for travel, travel tech and our extremely vague itinerary as it stands currently. There’s much more to come!

I am currently available for freelance in graphic design, web design, HTML/CSS/Wordpress development and illustration. My recent work can be seen on my portfolio website, teresawatts.com. If you’d like some work done please feel free to contact me for a quote.


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3 comments on “About Chisa & ChiGarden
  1. Melanie says:

    Hi Chisa

    Congratulations! I just nominated you for the Liebster Award! Please accept it by going to the following link:



    Melanie – Take Me To Foodie Heaven

  2. Kelly says:

    Hello Chisa,

    I was wondering if you could send your contact information to my email, so I can talk to you about work, since I’m unable to do so here for some reason… Thank you!

    Kelly G.

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that Chisa & her blog

Heyo! I am Teresa Watts (oft known as Chisa), a graphic & web designer with a passion for all things creative. ChiGarden is my place to talk about my various projects, daily life and musings. There's a bit more info about me over here.

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