About me

Hi there! I’m Teresa Watts, often known as Chisa – a digital designer from Perth, Australia.

By day I work as a senior designer for Bam Creative; by night (and by weekend) I create lettering and calligraphy art.

This blog is a haphazard collection of random thoughts, photos and things that I’ve created, with an occasional focus on travel, food, decor and other lifestyle things.

Recently I’ve been exploring the concept of “less but better”, the Slow Movement, mindful consumption, simplicity, minimalism and questioning the cult of busy – from my personal perspective, as a young(ish) person with to much ambition and too many commitments.

You can get in touch with me by emailing:

More from me elsewhere:

TeresaWatts.com – posts on my calligraphy, lettering and art

Teresa Sketches – sketches, calligraphy and lettering

Public Transport Haikus – poetry inspired by the daily commute

Side Project – a zine for creatives


  1. Hello Chisa,

    I was wondering if you could send your contact information to my email, so I can talk to you about work, since I’m unable to do so here for some reason… Thank you!

    Kelly G.

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