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Packing for a weekend away

Happy Friday everyone! What are you up to this weekend? Tomorrow I’m heading down south to Margaret River with the girls, just an overnight getaway before Ms N’s wedding in a few week’s time. There’ll be lots of wine tasting,


Project 333 Autumn 2013

I was sure that after spending the last few months living out of a suitcase, I’d want to bask in the entire breadth of my wardrobe at home. But, due to various circumstances, we’ll be living with my parents and


Winter Layering


One thing I was very scared about before travelling to Europe during the winter was how I would handle the cold, especially with only a very small suitcase of clothes! Thankfully it isn’t as bad as I imagined, not yet


Link Love: Holiday Packing


Yep, as stated earlier I am a packing geek. Then again, I’ve been burned by some bad decisions in the past and want to travel super light from now on, so I feel like it’s worth a bit of planning


Project 333: Holiday Edition


When I tell people that I’m planning to travel around Europe for several months with a smallish backpack that I’m hoping to keep under ten kilos, they usually laugh. Then once they realise that I’m serious, look at me pityingly.


that Chisa & her blog

Heyo! I am Teresa Watts (oft known as Chisa), a graphic & web designer with a passion for all things creative. ChiGarden is my place to talk about my various projects, daily life and musings. There's a bit more info about me over here.

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