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Pavlova & Custard

Generally there isn’t too much pressure on me to bring a dish to Christmas gatherings – my mum said that we could bring something if we liked, but maybe I should get The Boy to make it (thanks mum). I spent


Have a very shiny Christmas

After last year’s low key Christmas in Freiburg, it’s kind of nice to go back to the more familiar holiday season of rising heat, barbecues, gatherings with various friends, and of course a whole lot of food. Thankfully the forecast is for


Adventures in the Black Forest

Using Freiburg as our base, we explored Germany’s Black Forest region by train. We sped by beautiful forests and gingerbread houses too fast for me to capture with my camera – after a few attempts I gave up and just


Adventures in Freiburg

The original plan was to spend a week or so around Christmas driving around the Black Forest region of Germany, but the snow we encountered in Berlin which we felt sure would stick around (it didn’t) scared us off driving.


Adventures in Stuttgart

I have to admit, Stuttgart is a bit of a blur for me – I managed to hurt my back on the train ride there, and spent half of my time there lying perfectly still in a hotel room trying


that Chisa & her blog

Heyo! I am Teresa Watts (oft known as Chisa), a graphic & web designer with a passion for all things creative. ChiGarden is my place to talk about my various projects, daily life and musings. There's a bit more info about me over here.

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