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Feeling like Summer

After almost two months of ‘spring’ that feels like it keeps backsliding towards winter, this weekend it really feels like summer. Perfect blue skies, searing heat, sunglasses, gin and tonics on a lazy Sunday afternoon… that’s what summer is about


Project 333 Autumn 2013 – Recap

You may recall that I did another Project 333 round earlier this year (for those who are unfamiliar, the basic premise is to have a capsule wardrobe of only 33 item for 3 months). I wasn’t going to write a


Make This Look


I started a simple (but challenging for a noob like me) sewing project last weekend – I’d hoped to be able to post about it today, but I’ve screwed up a few parts so that will have to come later.


Project 333


In an effort to learn how to live with less, this year I’m taking the plunge and starting Project 333. The premise is simple: 33 items (including clothes, jewellery, shoes and accessories), 3 months. I’m expecting this project to be


that Chisa & her blog

Heyo! I am Teresa Watts (oft known as Chisa), a graphic & web designer with a passion for all things creative. ChiGarden is my place to talk about my various projects, daily life and musings. There's a bit more info about me over here.

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