Cake with Cake at Sherbet

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Coconut and vanilla cake

Today I met with the ever adorable Miss Cake for tea and cake at Sherbert in Maylands.

It’s only a five minute walk from my apartment, but I’d never been there before – I noticed a bunch of other cool looking shops and cafes in the area that I didn’t know where there, just because I never seem to cross the train tracks!

Sherbert all you really want in a tea-and-cake place really – small and cozy, with lots of different cakes and cupcakes (but get in early, they seem to sell out of the more popular flavours quickly). I like that they do loose leaf teas – I always feel a tad ripped off when I get tea in a cafe and it just ends up being a Twinings tea bag. They also seem to have some breakfast and lunch options, which I’ll definitely have to be back to try someday.

Coconut and vanilla cake
Lemon, pear and polenta cake

The servings of cake were generous (I didn’t even manage to finish mine) and delicious, with a side of cream. A bit of an indulgence, but well worth it!

Miss Cake

Sherbert is apparently always packed on a Sunday, so we nabbed a seat outside. Even with the cold and drizzly weather it seemed cozy with our tea and cakes. The street and train line don’t really go with the ambiance of the place, which seems more suited to a Melbourne style laneway, but I think the baked goods make it worth it. I’ll definitely be returning to this one!

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