Christmas Feast

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Starting new traditions: having friends over for a Christmas feast, decorating a (real!) tree together, and hanging out with Santa. The Boy and I spent the day baking bread, making fruit mince pies, constructing a croquembouche (which melted before the guests arrived) and roasting our first ever turkey. Our guests brought a dish and drinks, and a very merry evening was had.

Inspired by Camille Nathania (who does some really sweet videography work, as well as photography), I decided to play around with video! Just a warning: don’t expect awesomeness, this is my first real foray into video and it screams “I just discovered iMovie”. Also the song is very hipster (I think? I can’t keep up with these things). It was that or a song from Glee, I’m not sure which would cause people to make fun of me more. I’m not sure I like doing video yet, I think I’m better suited to still photos.

Hope everyone is having a merry holiday season!


  1. Thanks Adam! I did them all in camera. I think I overused it a bit though, definitely something I need to keep in mind for next time. I haven’t experimented with iMovie’s effects so not sure if it’s capable of doing the same thing in post.

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