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So one of my resolutions for this year was to make a croquembouche. Well I’ve now I’ve done it!

Oh right, you want to see the whole thing? Uh, okay.

So yeah, I did say it didn’t have to be a good croquembouche, so it still counts. Part of the issue was my confidence in constructing the thing completely freehand (if the base is already not a nice circle you’re not off to a good start), and part was the heat (exacerbated by the turkey also roasting in the oven at the time). We tried to disguise the lopsidedness with lots of spun sugar, but it’s still quite clearly a little unbalanced.

This was in fact my croquembouche at its prettiest – soon after the sugar started melting the the slope more pronounced, until it decided to collapse completely before the guests even arrived. It still tasted delicious though! Props to The Boy who helped construct and Miss N who made the delicious custard filling and did the spun sugar.

Still, who makes a perfect croquembouche on their first try? (Please don’t comment if you have, I’d prefer not to speak to you).

This was for The Boy and I’s first big Christmas dinner party, hence the excuse for going over the top with food, among other things. More photos and video to come!


  1. If it tasted good, that’s the most important thing :D Must have been a task to make it and put it all together, looks fantastic, especially considering you were preparing for a dinner party at the same time!

  2. Sab – yep, whilst also filming whilst cooking – I’m taking my first foray into video! I think next time I try to make this it will be in winter >.< Cake - Thanks! Spun sugar is SO much fun to play with, especially making the stars. I'm thinking of making mini houses to take to my family Christmas lunch, they're so fun to make!

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